Introducing Custom Coverage benefits

Learn about a flexible range of benefits that can be customized based on your lifestyle.

Learn about a flexible range of benefits that can be customized based on your lifestyle.

When it comes to benefits, one size does not fit all

We understand that you work for so much more than just a paycheck. You work for your future, for your home and for your family — and you need the benefits that work as hard as you do.

That’s why there’s custom coverage. It protects you and your family with comprehensive benefits that add a financial cushion on top of your standard healthcare benefits. Supplemental Health and Income Protection benefits are a smart way to minimize expenses and maximize savings while protecting everything you work for. Talk to your employer about your options during open enrollment.

Why do you need Custom Coverage?

Dental and medical benefits are the foundation of coverage for you and your family. But when it comes to full protection, they’re only part of the equation.

To ensure that you’re fully protected, there are two types of benefits coverage you’ll also want to consider: Supplemental Health and Income Protection.

The basics of Custom Coverage

Healthcare Benefits:
your foundation

Why do you need it?
Even with the healthiest of lifestyles, you can’t plan for everything. With dental and medical benefits though, you can help ensure you and your family have the coverage you need.
Options may include:
Dental insurance
Medical insurance
Healthcare accounts

Supplemental Health:
your financial cushion

Why do you need it?
It’s protection that typically provides lump sum payments to cover unplanned costs associated with an illness or injury — such as bills, childcare and mortgages — so you can better manage your expenses.
Options may include:
Accident insurance
Critical illness insurance

Income Protection:
your savings safeguard

Why do you need it?
These options help protect you and your family from having to tap into your savings should you have to deal with difficulties such as legal expenses, disability or death.
Options may include:
Long-term Disability
Supplemental life insurance
Legal Services

The Other Bills